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The trio of Wout Gooris - pianist and composer - with Nathan Wouters on double bass and Stijn Cools on drums, released its debut in 2015 with Current, an album of contemporary filmic jazz compositions with a touch of subtle electronics.

Winner of the 2015 Jong Jazz Talent Gent concours

Wout Gooris - piano/efx

Nathan Wouters - double bass/efx

Stijn Cools - drums/efx

                                          WOUT GOORIS TRIO & CHISHOLM/VANN

Strong themes with a dreamy attitude in a series of new compositions by Wout Gooris. Erwin Vann (BE) and Hayden Chisholm (NZ), two saxophonists with a characteristic voice, connect as a symbiosis with the trio.

Hayden Chisholm - alto saxophone

Erwin Vann - tenor saxophone

Wout Gooris - piano/efx

Nathan Wouters - double bass

Stijn Cools - drums

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                                                   BOOK OF AIR: VVOLK

The music of vvolk is played by a group of 18 improvisers with roots in jazz and classical music. The group investigates performing and improvising music, in close relation to present time; what are the possibilities in playing music, when changes in this music pass by unnoticed? How do we as musicians relate to the running time of a performance? How does our hearing and memory react to these slow changes? As a result vvolk let’s you experience music which is less perceived in the present time, but rather occurs in our memory of the past. This clearly challenges the improvising musicians, and makes audience and performers discover new territories in collective improvisation. 


Stijn Cools: drums & composition

Sep François: vibraphone & percussion

Hendrik Vanattenhoven: double bass

Nathan Wouters: double bass

Laurens Smet: double bass & electric bass

Bert Cools: electric and acoustic guitars

Ruben Machtelinckx: electric bariton guitar

Benjamin Sauzereau:  electric guitar

Niels Van Heertum: euphonium

Viktor  Perdieus: tenor saxophone

Thomas Jillings: tenor saxophone

Erik Bogaerts: alto saxophone and clarinet

Frans van Isacker: alto saxophone and clarinet

Mathieu Robert: soprano saxophone

Stefan Bracaval: flute

Indre Jurgeleviciuté: kankles

Fruz Tonteling: harmonium

Wout Gooris: fender rhodes 




Roselien Tobbackx - vocals, guitar

Gerben Brys - bass

Olivier Penu - drums

Wout Gooris - keys

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                                                               BLACK MANGO


                                                                                                                                                                        © Trui Amerlinck            


A ten-piece strong instrumental collective, aiming right at your soul with a horde of grooves and carefully crafted melodies. It's an explosive band, using warm and utterly soulful layers of improvised music to build an intense and overwhelming show.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Sam Joris - trumpet

Carlo Nardozza - trumpet

Alban Sarens - tenor saxophone

Peter Delannoye - trombone

Joppe Bestevaar - baritone saxophone

Pieter Nevejans - tuba

Wout Gooris - keys

Lukas Somers - guitar

Christophe Devisscher - bass

Toni Vitacolonna - drums

                                                                           8 O’CLOCK SHADOWS

Jazz octet of Sam Joris

Sam Joris - trumpet

Rob Banken - alto saxophone

Bruno Van der Haegen - tenor saxophone

Peter Delannoye - trombone

Joppe Bestevaar - baritone saxophone

Wout Gooris - piano

Janos Bruneel - double bass

Jelle Van Giel - drums